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Toshniwal Instruments Mfg. Pvt. Ltd. (Ajmer, Rajasthan, India) is a prominent engineering company of Scientific Instruments & Equipment. Our offered products are precision-designed with solid and high-grade alloys which are further manufactured using ultra-modern resources. All our products feature superlative traits like rugged construction, compact designs, easy operation & handling, longer service life and accuracy in results. A team of experienced engineers, technicians and other experts work in close proximity with all our business associates to excel all the business activities. Apart from this, they understand the prevailing client demands and provide them solutions within their budget and time constraints.

Culture & Philosophy
At Toshniwal, we focus on finding solutions by providing support to each other. As an ISO certified organization, we believe that our workforce is the source of our strength and the base of our success. Being a committed organization, we emphasize on maintaining trust and in reflecting sincerity in every stage of operation. TOSHCON respects resourcefulness and skill of its people. This company motivates its personnel to outdo in their respective arena by maintaining healthy working environment where reliability, professionalism and successful execution of work ethics go hand in hand.

We aim to be a significant part of our employees' achievement and customers' satisfaction by excelling in our field. Creating career opportunities and to exceed expectation of customers with our products and service are some of the goals of our organization.

Our mission is to merge professionalism, skill and effective marketing strategies for providing appropriated technical solutions to our existing and potential customers.

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)
Corporate Social Responsibility is basically a conceptual structure that defines liability of an organization to its shareholders, to itself and also to common people. CSR elucidates the impact of the activities of a company on different societal aspects that cover social, financial and environmental aspects as well. CSR efforts of an organization have beneficial effects on society and also on its own brand. Programs initiated as part of CSR act as reliable platforms between employees and their surroundings.

TOSHCON endeavors to execute its business procedures without affecting environmental balance. It gives utmost importance to safety and health of its workforce and people to boost quality of life of the entire community. This organization always puts emphasis on using non toxic quality raw materials and low noise cables while developing its products as per industry specified environmental standards. Creating safe working environment for its employees is another criterion which is given paramount significance at TOSHCON.

Our Products & Services

Toshniwal Instruments Mfg. Pvt. Ltd. has been satisfying a large clientele across Ajmer (Rajasthan) and other states of India and abroad with a wide range of following:

PID Controllers

  • 1/16 Din Temperature Controller
  • Cal Controller
  • Case-Cade Controller
  • Close Loop Valve Controller
  • Heater Temperature Controller
  • Industrial Controller
  • Master Slave Controller
  • On/Off Controller
  • Open Loop Valve Controller
  • pH Temperature Controller
  • PID Temperature Controller
  • Plastic Controller
  • PMA Controller
  • Process Controller
  • Process Indicator
  • Profile Controller
  • Programmer Controller
  • Ramp Soak Controller
  • Remote Controller
  • Temperature Controller
  • Temperature Indicator
  • Temperature Limiter
  • Temperature Regulator
  • Three Valve Position Controller
  • Valve Motor Drive Controller
  • West PID Controller


  • AEG Thyristor
  • Burst Fired Thyristor
  • CD Automation Thyristor
  • Conductivity Electrode
  • E Power Regulator
  • Eurotherm Thyristor
  • Heater Power Controller
  • Honeywell Thyristor
  • Phase Angle Fired Thyristor
  • Phase Angle Fired Thyristor Unit
  • PMA Thyristor
  • Power Regulator
  • SCR Controller
  • SCR Power Regulator
  • Single Phase Thyristor
  • Solid State Relay
  • Three Phase Thyristor
  • Thyristor Drive
  • Thyristor Power Controller
  • Thyristor Power Regulator
  • Thyristor Power Unit
  • Thyristor Regulator
  • Two Phase Thyristor
  • Zero Cross Over Thyristor


  • 5 Point Calibration pH Electrode
  • 5 Point pH Electrode
  • Auto Cleanable pH Electrode
  • Auto Cleanable pH Sensor
  • Auto Cleanable Sensor
  • Epoxy pH Electrode
  • Epoxy pH Sensor
  • Fermentor Electrode
  • Fermentor Probe
  • Fermentor Sensor
  • Flat Surface Electrode
  • Flat Surface pH Electrode
  • Flat Surface pH Sensor
  • Flat Surface Sensor
  • Glass Electrode
  • HF Electrode
  • High Temp pH Sensor
  • High Temperature Electrode
  • Industrial pH Electrode
  • Industrial pH Sensor
  • Low Ionic Electrode
  • Low Ionic Sensor
  • Low pH Electrode
  • Micro Electrode
  • Micro pH Electrode
  • Micro pH Sensor
  • Micro Sensor
  • Online pH Electrode
  • Plastic pH Electrode
  • Plastic pH Sensor
  • Process pH Electrode
  • Process pH Sensor
  • Semi Micro Electrode
  • Semi Micro pH Electrode
  • Semi Micro pH Sensor
  • Semi Micro Sensor
  • Sterilazable pH Electrode
  • Sterilazable pH Sensor
  • Toshniwal Electrode
  • Toshniwal Sensor
  • Ultrapure Water pH Electrode
  • Ultrapure Water pH Sensor
  • Unbreakable pH Sensor
  • Online pH Sensor

Analytical & Laboratory Instruments

  • Benchtop pH Meter
  • Ca11
  • Cl46
  • Cl54
  • Conductivity Cell
  • Conductivity Meter
  • Conductivity Meter Tcm15
  • Degree Of Acidity Or Alkalinity
  • Lab pH Meter
  • Microprocessor 3 Points Calibration pH Meter
  • Microprocessor pH Meter
  • Microprocessor pH Meter Model Tmp3
  • pH Conductivity Meter
  • pH EC Meter
  • pH Measurement
  • pH Meter
  • pH Meter Cl 46
  • pH Meter Cl 54
  • pH MV Meter
  • pH ORP Meter
  • pH ORP Meter Model Cl46
  • pH ORP Meter Model Cl54
  • pH pH Meter
  • pH pH Meter Model Cl46
  • pH pH Meter Model Cl54
  • pH Redox Meter
  • pH Redox Meter Model Cl46
  • pH Redox Meter Model Cl54
  • pH TDS Meter
  • pH Total Dissolved Solids Meter
  • Redox Measurement
  • Redox Meter
  • Tcm15
  • Ultrasonic Cleaners

Multi-parameter Instruments

  • Conductivity Meter
  • Dissolved Oxygen Meter
  • DO Meter
  • Eutech Meter
  • Eutech pH Meter
  • Fluoride Meter
  • Ion Electrode
  • Ion Meter
  • Ion Selective Electrode
  • Microprocessor Conductivity Meter
  • Microprocessor Do Meter
  • Microprocessor Ion Meter
  • Microprocessor pH Meter
  • Microprocessor Redox Meter
  • Orion Meter
  • pH Conductivity Meter
  • pH Ion Meter
  • pH Meter
  • pH/ Conductivity Testing Kit
  • Redox Meter
  • Soil Testing Kit
  • TDS Meter

pH Analyzer

  • Analogue pH Controller
  • Microprocessor pH Controller
  • pH Analyzer
  • pH Controller
  • pH Indicating Controller
  • pH Indicator
  • pH Meter
  • pH Transmitter

ORP/ MV Analyzer

  • Microprocessor ORP/MV Controller
  • Microprocessor pH ORP/MV Controller
  • MV Controller
  • ORP/MV Analyzer
  • ORP/MV Controller
  • ORP/MV Indicating Controller
  • ORP/MV Indicator
  • ORP/MV Meter
  • ORP/MV Transmitter
  • pH ORP/MV Controller

Conductivity Analyzer

  • Analogue Conductivity Controller
  • Conductivity Analyzer
  • Conductivity Controller
  • Conductivity Indicating Controller
  • Conductivity Indicator
  • Conductivity Meter
  • Conductivity Transmitter
  • E. Conductivity Controller
  • Microprocessor Conductivity Controller
  • Microprocessor pH Conductivity Controller
  • pH Conductivity Controller

Turbidity Analyzer

  • Microprocessor Turbidity Controller
  • Online Turbidity Analyzer
  • Total Suspended Solids
  • TSS Controller
  • TSS Transmitter Probe
  • Tu Controller
  • Turbidity Analyzer
  • Turbidity Controller
  • Turbidity Indicating Controller
  • Turbidity Indicator
  • Turbidity Meter

Chlorine Analyzer

  • Amperometric Chlorine Analyzer
  • Chlorine Analyzer
  • Chlorine Analyzer With pH Compensation
  • Chlorine Dioxide Analyzer
  • Chlorine Indicating Controller
  • Chlorine Indicator
  • Chlorine Meter
  • D. Ozone Controller
  • Dissolved Ozone Analyzer
  • DPD Based Chlorine Analyzer
  • Free Chlorine Controller
  • Microprocessor Chlorine Controller
  • Microprocessor pH Chlorine Controller
  • Residual / Free Chlorine Controller
  • Residual Chlorine Analyzer
  • Residual Chlorine Controller
  • Residual Chlorine Transmitter
  • Total Chlorine Maker

Dissolved Oxygen Analyzer

  • D.O. Controller
  • Dissolve Oxygen Analyzer
  • Dissolve Oxygen Controller
  • Dissolve Oxygen Indicating Controller
  • Dissolve Oxygen Transmitter
  • DO Meter
  • Microprocessor Dissolve Oxygen Controller
  • Microprocessor pH Dissolve Oxygen Controller
  • Online Dissolve Oxygen Analyzer
  • Optical Dissolve Oxygen Controller
  • Optical Dissolve Oxygen Transmitter Probe

Ion Analyzer

  • Ion Concentration Analyzer
  • Ion Concentration Controller
  • Ion Concentration Meter
  • Ion Controller
  • Microprocessor Ion Concentration Analyzer

Dosing Pumps

  • Chemical Dosing Pump
  • Chemical Dosing System
  • Chemical Injection System
  • Chemical Metering System
  • Chlorine Dosing System
  • DiapHragm Dosing Pump
  • Dosing Pump
  • Electronic Metering Pump
  • Electronics Dosing Pump
  • Hypo Based Water Dis-Infection System
  • Hypochlorite Dosing Pump
  • Metering Pumps
  • Metering System
  • Solenoid Driven Dosing Pump

Gas Chlorinators/ Systems

  • Chlorination System
  • Chlorine Gas Based Water Disinfection System
  • Cylinder Mounted Chlorination System
  • Full Vacuum Chlorinator
  • Gas Chlorinator
  • Gas Chloronome Plant
  • Gaseous Chlorination System
  • Vacuum Feed Chlorination System

Additionally, we render reliable services for Installation and After Sale Service Of Products.

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Exporter, Manufacturer, Supplier & Service Provider

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